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That word encompasses so much. 

From IT to AV, a technology coordinator must manage it all...and all of it is critical. 

Distance learning, life safety mandates, recording requirements, and many other recent educational loads

all fall under the umbrella of "technology".

Suddenly network and storage requirements are found lacking

and in the middle of upgrading one thing, another requires attention. 

Technology coordinators rush to the rescue...all behind the scenes with no recognition.

In the middle of this, sports games, graduation ceremonies, teacher training sessions, and theatrical productions where school officials, parents, and boosters gather must go off without a hitch.

AV systems must be in top notch condition.  

Our heart goes out to our clients every year when systems are found non-functioning just before critical events.

We become flooded with emergency service requests that our team struggles to satisfy.

We want to take service up a notch.

Bensberg Technologies has designed, installed, and serviced educational audiovisual systems

for over 50 years.  We know your equipment whether we installed it or not.

Our dedication to our educational clients has been our cutting edge and is the reason

for our company's explosive growth over the last decade. 

Let us step in and manage all your AV systems.

Sign up today for Bensberg School District Annual Service Contract and see how

"We Make AV Easy!"

Choose a tier

  • Tier 1

    Every month
    +$275 On-Site Systems Assessment
    Five Strategic AV Systems Maintenance Visits
    • April - Pre-Graduation Auditorium/Venue AV Maintenance
    • June - Post-School Year Shutdown
    • July - Pre-School Year Startup/Systems Check
    • August - Pre-Season Football Stadium PA Maintenance
    • September - Pre-Season Gymnasium PA Maintenance
  • Tier 2

    Every month
    +$475 On-Site Systems Assessment
    Ten Strategic AV Systems Maintenance Visits
    • January - Post-Holiday Auditorium AV Maintenance
    • February - Cafetorium AV Maintenance
    • March - Pre-Season Baseball Stadium PA Checkup
    • April - Pre-Graduation Venue Checkup
    • May - End of School Year Shutdown
    • July - Pre-School Year Auditorium PA Checkup
    • August - Preseason Football Stadium PA Checkup
    • September - Preseason Basketball Arena PA Checkup
    • October - Pre-Holiday Auditorium PA Checkup
    • November - Season End Stadium PA Maintenance
  • Custom On-Site Plan Assessment

    In our on-site assessment, we will craft a customized service plan just for you.
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